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Why is Smart IP Camera Recommended? Do You Know the Differences Between Smart IP Cameras and Traditional Cameras?

1. Power supply mode of POE camera recorder

POE camera recorder, also known as power over Ethernet network video recorder, is a type of surveillance camera, a new technology that has only appeared in the past two years. POE is also known as Power over LAN (POL) or Active Ethernet, sometimes referred to as Power over Ethernet for short. This is the latest standard specification that uses the existing standard Ethernet transmission cable to transmit data and electric power at the same time, and maintains compatibility with the existing Ethernet system and users.

A power supply scheme of POE-POE standard defines a method for using Ethernet transmission cables to transmit DC power to POE-compatible equipment: a method called "Mid-Span". Use idle wire pairs to transmit DC power, and the corresponding Endpoint PSE supports POE Ethernet switches, routers, hubs or other network switching equipment.

2. Which one is better, POE power supply or centralized power supply for network video recorders?

POE power supply means that the network switch provides DC48V power supply to the NVR network video recorder. You only need to wire a network cable when wiring, which requires the support of both the switch and the IPCAM. Centralized power supply is to route the power cord from the monitoring center to each camera.

Only by understanding the principle of power supply between the two can you know the difference between the two. First, centralized power supply is suitable for all monitoring systems; while POE power supply is only suitable for POE camera recorders. Secondly, the centralized power supply guarantees the special requirements of the dedicated line of the monitoring system; while the POE power supply is only suitable for special requirements in a small area, and the distance between the POE camera recorder and the switch cannot exceed 90 meters. Finally, from the perspective of wiring cost, the cost difference between one wire and two wires is not too big, except that the cost of the cable will increase.

Based on the above three points, please judge for yourself.

3. About the power supply of the POE camera recorder

The first is that the switch does not support POE power supply and uses an outdoor power supply to supply power nearby.

The second type: The switch supports POE power supply, the camera's DC head does not need to be connected, and the camera switch is directly connected with an 8-core network cable.

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