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What Are the Main Functions of the IP Camera?

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the network, the IP camera has been widely used in many fields, such as education, commerce, medical care, public utilities and so on. So do you know what are the main functions of IP cameras?

1. What is the IP camera?

The IP camera is a new generation of cameras that combines traditional cameras and network technology. It can transmit images to the other end with a network connection port through the network, and the remote viewers do not need to use any professional software, and they can monitor its images as long as they have the standard web browser. The IP camera has a built-in embedded chip and uses an embedded real-time operating system. The video signal transmitted by the camera is digitized and compressed by a high-efficiency compression chip, and transmitted to the web server through the network bus. Users on the network can directly use the browser to watch the camera images on the web server, and authorized users can also control the actions of the camera's pan-tilt lens or operate the system configuration.

2. Main functions of the IP camera

There are different types of IP camera for sale in YCX, like AI ip camera, AI wifi camera, value IP camera and so on.

(1) Video call. After the IP camera is connected to the Internet, video calls can be made not only between two devices, but also between multiple devices such as mobile phones and tablets. And all video calls are free.

(2) Video function. The IP camera supports U disk or TF card storage, so you don't have to worry about storage space. It can realize synchronous storage and recording of audio and video, and has multiple recording methods such as manual recording, alarm recording, and timing recording. The video files can be retrieved intelligently on the IP camera, and the video can be played back directly on the display screen.

(3) Remote monitoring of video and alarm. It supports mobile phone client and tablet PC client for remote real-time monitoring, remote control of IP cameras. And users can remotely turn on and turn off the video alarm function, which is an intelligent home security monitoring network equipment.

(4)Wireless alarm. The IP camera uses wireless learning and code matching to construct an alarm system with wireless detectors (supporting wireless sensing devices such as smoke, air, door sensors, infrared probes, and wireless remote control). In addition, IP cameras can also be combined with email alarms and mobile phone alarms to make your security more reliable and timely. If your families are not out, it can also monitor the house for you.

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