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The Function and Composition of CCTV Monitoring System

1. The role of CCTV monitoring system

The CCTV monitoring system is a kind of image communication system. The signal from the source point is only transmitted to a specific TV set in advance that is the same as the source point. It is widely used in a large number of different types of surveillance work, education, video conferences, etc.

 The CCTV monitoring system, with high end CCTV cameras, is an important part of the security technology prevention system. It is an advanced, comprehensive system with strong prevention capabilities. It can directly watch all the conditions of the monitored place through the remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment. The situation of the monitored place is clear at a glance, and videos are provided for subsequent inquiry and analysis. At the same time, the CCTV monitoring system can also operate in conjunction with other security technology prevention systems such as the anti-theft alarm system and access control system to make its prevention capabilities more powerful.

2. The composition of the CCTV monitoring system

CCTV monitoring system, made by CCTV security system companies, can provide close observation, monitoring and control of some important areas. The main equipment of the CCTV monitoring system should be equipped with a TV monitor, a time-lag video recorder and a picture processor, etc., so that the user can watch any picture and remotely operate any pan-tilt and zoom function of any camera with a remote control function. The CCTV monitoring system is mainly composed of front-end, transmission and terminal. 

(1) Front end: 

used to obtain the image of the monitored area: generally composed of a camera and lens, pan/tilt, encoder, dust cover, etc. 

(2) Transmission part: 

The function is to feed the video (sometimes including audio) signals output by the camera to the central computer room or other monitoring points: generally composed of feeders, video cable compensators, and video amplifiers. 

(3) Terminal: 

Used for display and recording, video processing, output control signals, and receive signals from the front end: generally include monitors, various control equipment, and recording equipment.

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