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The Difference Between AI Intelligent NVR Video Surveillance System and Ordinary Surveillance System

Ⅰ. The difference between AI intelligent nvr video surveillance system and ordinary surveillance system

In the era of rapid technological development, people enjoy the convenience brought by technology all the time. It can be said that technology has been completely integrated into our lives. The past security monitoring system can only achieve real-time monitoring, video playback and other functions. Nowadays, relying on the AI intelligent algorithm of each ip camera, on the basis of the original tools, it can also realize the analysis of the surveillance picture. The security monitoring system has entered the era of understanding.

Ordinary monitoring systems have transitioned from being visible and clearly visible to being understandable now. It not only reduces the misjudgment of manual duty and improves work efficiency; it also opens up new application scenarios for the security monitoring system, which greatly meets the needs of people.

The AI intelligent nvr video surveillance system and the ordinary surveillance system are based on the AI intelligent algorithm. Through the AI intelligent algorithm, the intelligent monitoring system will analyze the data information in the video screen and identify the information we need. For example: face recognition, analysis and monitoring, intelligent algorithms can accurately identify the face information in the monitoring screen, and then through database comparison, we can quickly find out the specific information of our specific personnel. AI intelligent nvr video surveillance is also commonly used in public security systems. In stations, airports and other places, some special personnel marked in the public security system can be accurately identified. If it is in the past, it will take a lot of time and energy to look through surveillance video manually. Now, we can achieve our goals quickly and accurately only through AI intelligent algorithms.

The new security monitoring system derived from the ip camera based on the AI intelligent algorithm is not only the original security monitoring. That is to say, the monitoring system has risen from a single security field to a data collection point. It can provide necessary data support for many subsequent needs.

Ⅱ. The IP camera plays its role in security field

1. Big data is an important support for artificial intelligence analysis and prediction, and self-improvement. The ip camera integrates shooting and artificial intelligence analysis, making a huge contribution to the security industry. Because the security industry has a large amount of rich video data, it can fully meet the requirements of artificial intelligence for algorithm model training.

2. The security monitoring field has logical requirements for pre-prevention, response during the event, and follow-up after the event. AI intelligent nvr video surveillance system can provide new solutions to this problem.

Nowadays, AI intelligent nvr video surveillance system has been widely integrated into police and civilian use. Such as: public security field, transportation field, intelligent building park, retail field, etc. Based on the present and looking to the future, although the road to smart security is tortuous, with the strong support of the government, open sharing of data, and the continuous improvement of algorithmic power, artificial intelligence and security will be fully integrated, and the era of smart security is accelerating.

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