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Technical FAQ

Camera's IP address assignment

1. Obtaining IP settings automatically by DHCP 

This series camera's default network configuration is DHCP mode, you can get IP settings assigned automatically from the LAN router or DHCP server, otherwise, the camera will set its own IP address to in a few seconds for local access. The camera will save the obtained IP settings to static configuration after 24 hours continous running to keep your system working more stable. 

2. Assigning camera IP address manually

If you prefer to assign camera IP address manually, you'd better confirm the IP network planning and avoid IP address conflict. Steps on Local Area Windows 10 PC : Search Windows -> cmd  -> ipconfig /all 

Default IP address:, if the camera is installed to work with the local switch or router directly, the camera IP range should be 192.168.1.x (x=2-254).

How to connect the IP Camera to system?

1. Working With PoE NVR (refer to figure 1)

2. Working With PoE switch and NVR (refer to figure 2)


Working with Internet Explorer web browser

Type in the IP camera's IP address in Internet Explorer's URL bar to gain access to the login page.  Firefox ESR and IE are perfect supported. You can also use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, safari to access the camera, but it maybe less smooth than IE because of lack of the webplugin support.

From the login page, select your familiar language, then log in with the username and password. (Default user name: admin, Password: 123456.)

Install Web Plug-in when red line characters prompted. You may have to download WEBConfig.exe and run it as administrator. After installation, restart or refresh your web browser and allow the WEBConfig to run. The live video will start automatically after login successfully.

How to modify the camera Title name and Time & Date?

1. Configuration > Camera > Image > OSD > Title Message

2. Configuration > System > Time setup

There are two time update modes available, Manual and NTP.

a. Select your Time Zone, and click PC Sync. Set up your DST (Daylight Savings Time) if needed , click Save. (Time and date will reset to 2000-01-01 if camera restarts without NVR connected or memory card installed)

b. If the camera is connected to the Internet, you can set up a NTP server for the camera to sync the time and date automatically.

How to find the device Cloud ID and QR code for p2p remote access

Configuration > Network > P2P

Using the P2P ID and QR code, you can access the camera remotely anywhere via smart phone with Internet access. Please register an account via mobile phone after installing the Danale APP from Apple Store or Google Play , then log in and add your camera to start previewing.

Working with mobile device

Visit the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to download the Danale app for iOS or Android devices. For first time use, please create a new account by following the steps below:

1. For new users, please tap CREATE NEW ACCOUNT to register an account.

2. Type in your mobile phone number or email address, then tap NEXT.

3. Check your SMS or Email for the verification code, then tap NEXT.

4. Tap + to Add devices

5. Tap QR Code to add to get into the scan camera QR code page, or click NEXT to discover the connected local LAN IP camera.

6. Put the IP camera QR code in the app effective scan area, and then give a nickname for the recognized camera.

7. Tap the camera list to start live video.

Working with NVR

The IP camera supports standard ONVIF protocol and it can be added to third-party video recorder. Before pairing cameras to the NVR, make sure the NVR and cameras have valid and matching IP address scheme.

Note: Some of the PoE NVR supports Plug & play, which allows you to get video without manually search and add. if Plug & play feature is not available or not compatible, please follow the NVR manual steps and select ONVIF protocol as the paring protocol. (camera default password: 123456)

If the POE NVR can not discover the connected camera or can not display the camera video , please check it's internal POE interface IP configuration and make sure all connected cameras and NVR POE interface are in the same subnet scheme.

To setup NVR following Wizard

Turn on the NVR, Startup Wizard will pop up to guide you setup your system quickly.

  1. Select your familiar language

  2. Login with default admin account (Username: admin Password: 123456)

  3. Change a strong password for admin

  4. Set a pattern for unlocking the device more friendly

  5. Time and time zone setup

  6. Network configuration

DHCP mode is enabled for obtaining IP address configurations automatically once there is a router or DHCP server connected in the LAN network. If there is no DHCP server in LAN, the NVR will set itself to for temporary service IP address. You can set your PC IP address to 192.168.1.x to access the device in local area.

How to add IP cameras to NVR?

1. Adding PoE Camera to NVR by connecting NVR PoE Port

(1) Make sure your camera can support PoE function.

(2) Connect the PoE camera to NVR PoE port via Cat5e (4 pairs UTP) cable.

(3) Camera will show video in 1-2 minutes automatically.(Plug-and-Play)

2. Adding camera to No PoE NVR

(1) Make sure your camera can support PoE function or not.

(2) PoE camera: Connect the PoE camera to your own network switch PoE port via Cat5e (4 pairs UTP) cable.

(3) No PoE camera: Connect the camera to your own network switch port via Cat5e cable. Then connect the camera power supply to camera power jack.

(4) Connect NVR LAN Port to the same network switch with cameras.

(5) Go to NVR camera config search and add camera manually.

How to setup Motion Recording?

1. Go to Main Menu > Storage > Hard Disk, Check the HDD status ,make sure it's Normal and Read/Write.

2. Go to Storage > Recording, Edit the Schedule to cyan Motion.

3. Enable Motion detection on each channel.

4. Test the motion event working or not.

Move at front of the camera, the icon display at the top-right corner on each channel will display. If nothing shows, you should access camera web and enable motion detection manually.

How to remote access NVR via mobile phone

This NVR supports Android and iPhone app remote access. Follow the steps below to get it works: 

1. Search Guard Viewer in Google Play or Apple Store, or scan the QR code to download and install the app.

2. Go to Main Menu > Network > Basic > P2P, make sure the Enable P2P is checked, Add Witchout Singup is checked and the Device Status is Online.

3. Tap the Guard Viewer, and tap +Add scan the QR code in above step.

4. Live view and playback on mobile phone via app

How to reset admin password?

Click Forgot Password on the Login page, take a photo of the serial number dialog box and then send it to us to ask for a Security Code to reset your password.

How to setup gmail SMTP in NVR?

1. Setup your email account in NVR.

2. Enable Motion alarm trigger sending Email alert

3. Enable send Email

PTZ Dome
Commands for IP PTZ Dome

Please confirm the PTZ Dome type, and then refer to Appendix 1 for type D & Appendix 2 for type E commands

Type D & Type E PTZ Dome


Wifi Camera
How to add wifi Camera via APP?

1. Insert a Micro-SD memory card into the camera SD slot if video storage is needed. Plug the included power adapter into one of the electrical outlet, then connect the other end 12VDC cylinder stub to the camera. Camera will start up in one minute and create an Wi-Fi hot spot named like "IPCAM-XXXXXX".(Default Password: 01234567)

2. connect the Wi-Fi “IPCAM-XXXXXX” via mobile phone near the camera less than 10 meters . If the hot spot doesn't show on mobile phone, reset wireless camera via holding the rear cable reset button more than 5 seconds.

3. tap to run the CamHi APP and click Add camera.

4. Scan camera QR code or search LAN to quickly add camera.

5. Tap Setting button goto Wi-Fi Setting, choose your Wi-Fi name and input correct password.

6. After a few seconds camera will connect to your router and get online soon.

7. Tap camera list to start live.

8. It's strong suggest to set a security password, and select your local time-zone to finish setup.

Any further, please refer to "2.4G Wireless camera quick start guide"

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