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Network IP Camera

Network IP Camera Line includes multi series like AI series, full-color series, value series and PTZ series. Each series has dome and bullet camera from 2MP / 4MP / 5MP/ 8MP (4K)  resolution. All IP cameras are built-in standard ONVIF protocol, Hikvision protocol and internal POE, plug and play with multi-brand POE NVR. The 3rd IR led technology with new low-light technology. Fix lens, varifocal lens and Motorized lens are optional. IP66 to IP67 waterproof protection, PTZ, microphone, SD card slot, reset, WDR, HLC, H.265+, face detection, line cross, counting, warm-light, star-light.

Network cameras are widely used in various applications and vertical industries. YCX continues to offer different IP cameras to secure the world.

What Is an Network IP Camera and How Does It Work?

IP camera such as an HD intelligence IP camera, connect directly to the network, with H.265 compressed technology to save space and bandwidth. It can be remotely viewed in realtime and back up with high-quality high definition 4K, 5MP, 2MP image or video with audio via any PC, recorder and mobile app to secure people and world safe.

What Is an Network IP Camera and How Does It Work?

What Is IP Network Security Camera System?

YCX, being one of IP camera vendors, is specialized in the production of IP cam cameras. Nowadays, 60% of the world is covered by Security surveillance systems, cameras IP networks are widely used in city streets, campuses, residential buildings, office buildings, high speed roads etc.  With H.265 compression, lossless and High speed transmission, IP camera over the internet provides high quality images, video and audio. Sensors with deep learning algorithms developed gradually, and the requirements in different complexity of the scenes, have functions such as humanoid detection, motion detection, smart intrusion prevention, people counting etc, which are key factors for analysing details. In addition, some new IP cameras in our IP camera factory are produced with dual sources lights, white leds to supplement brightness for providing color full video when it detects the human body. What's more, some special cameras are true WDR for overcoming backlighting and high contrast, offer detail-rich images. In a conclusion, Network IP security cameras will be applied to more and more areas, not only for safety securing but also for crime analyses.

FAQs of Network IP Camera Wholesale

FAQs of Network IP Camera Wholesale
Why can't I open the default IP address via web browser?

Check your computer's IP address before accessing the camera. If the IP address does not match the 192.168.0.x scheme, please install the IP search tool from the CD to modify the camera's IP address. Make sure the IP address of the camera matches the LAN IP scheme. For example, if the LAN is 192.168.1.xxx, then set the IP camera to and so on. Only IE and Firefox ESR windows computers are supported by the camera.

How to reset the password?

The default username: admin, Password: 123456. If you lost the password or would to reset the IP cam camera's setting, please install the search tool to search the camera IP and click the Reset factory button.

How to upgrade the IP camera network camera?

1) Ask the supplier for the suitable firmware,

2) You can use the web browser, search tool, or PC client to upgrade the camera,

3) Go to the Configuration >System > update, click browse and select the firmware, then click the Upgrade button and wait for the operation to complete.

How to fetch the RTSP video stream and http snapshot?

1) Main Stream: rtsp://IP:554/h264?username=admin&password=123456

2) Sub Stream: rtsp://IP:554/h264cif?username=admin&password=123456

3) Low resolution snapshot: http://IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=1

4) HD snapshot : http://IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=0

Why does the NVR not show image after adding your IP camera internet security camera?

1) Make sure you selected the right protocol and enter the correct username and password when adding the cameras, 

2) Make sure the NVR and IP camera is the same IP scheme. (eg. NVR:192.168.1.x, and IP camera:192.168.1.y), 

3) Try changing the camera encode mode to H.264 if the NVR can’t support H.265. (Configuration -> Camera -> Video > Encode mode: H.264)

How to make the NVR record in motion detection mode?

1) Enable the CCTV network IP camera motion detection function via web browser or Search configure tool, 

2) Add the IP camera via ONVIF protocol, 

3) Change the NVR record mode to Motion Detection mode,

4) Check the NVR screen MD icon and try playback. Please refer to your NVR manual for NVR motion record option.

Where can I control the motorized auto focus lens zoom?

1) Using the camera's web interface;

2) Control by PC client software UC;

3) Roll the mouse wheel at the search tool preview window;

4) Find the PTZ menu in your NVR to control lens zoom.

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