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Digital Video Recorder

DVR full name is digital video recorder which is essentially one computer that stores content recorded directly from the television provider. It looks like a black box which can be built in a hard disks.

Today, DVRs are hybrid DVRs which can work with UHD analog cameras, traditional analog cameras and IP cameras. We call it XVR or 5 in 1 DVR. Several manufacturers have different DVR types in the market. Now all manufacturers produce UHD hybrid  5 in 1 DVRs. Some companies, like Hikvision, produces TVI signal DVRs; Dahua produces CVI signal DVRs; XM, produces AHD signal DVRs. You can record multiple shows at once and watch another show at the same time.

If distinguished by resolution, we have 1080P 2MP DVRs, 5MP DVRs and 8MP 4K DVRs. If distinguished by channels, we have 4CH DVRs, 8CH DVRs, 16CH DVRs and 32CH DVRs. And most DVRs can support audio, alarm and 1-8pcs Hard disk.

All DVRs support P2P service. You can remote access by GUI or mobile APP. DVR service allows you to preset recordings, so you will never miss any episode of your favorite drama or comedy.

How does Digital Video Recorder work?

DVR like CPU or computer can work with different types of HD analog cameras by coaxial cable. The signal transmission distance from camera to DVR can reach 200 to 300 meters if the coaxial cable quality is good like RG-60 cable. With UTC function you can change HD camera's OSD setting by DVR.  

How does Digital Video Recorder work?

FAQs of Digital Video Recorder

FAQs of Digital Video Recorder
Why can't I find the HDD?

a. Please check the power and SATA data cables of the HDD to make sure they are well connected.

b. For some DVRs with the 1U or small 1U case, the adapter's power not enough the operating them. Please use the power adaptor supplied along with the DVR.

c. Please make sure the HDDs are compatible with the DVR. See Appendix C Compatible Device List for details.

d. The HDD have gone bad. Change a new one.

Why Why There is no images outputin some or all of the camera windows?

a. Please make sure the resolutions of the cameras are supported by the DVR.

b. Please make sure the network cables of the IP camera and DV Rareboth connected properly and the network parameters are set correctly.

c. Please make sure the analog camera is connected properly.

d. Please make sure the network and the switch both work normally.

The screen has no output after booting the DVRnormally.

a. Please make sure the screen, HDMI or VGA cables are good and well connected.

b. Please make sure the screen supports the resolution of 1280*1024or 1920*1080. The DVR can not self adapt to the screen of which the resolution is lower than 1280*1024, and then the screen will remind you that the screen resolution is not supported by the DVR or just have no display. Please change a screen at1280*1024or 1920*1080resolutionbefore booting the DVR.

Forget the passwords?

a. The password for admin can be reset through the "Edit Security Question" function. Click the "Edit Security Question" button in the login window and then enter the corresponding answer of the selected question in the popup window, the password for admin will be reset to 123456 by default. If you forget the answer to the question, this way will be invalid, please contact your dealer for help.

b. The passwords of other users can be reset by admin, please refer to 10.1.2 Edit User for details.

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