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AI Smart IP Camera

What are AI wifi cameras? The AI-based high precision analysis helps surveillance operations and crime prevention operations more efficiently, that operations required manpower. AI wifi cameras have face recognition, people counting, people gathering, cross line, area intrusion, body detection.

Types of AI WiFi Smart IP Camera

AI 4MP Bullet IP Camera
Bullet security cameras get their name as the distinct cylindrical shape, which looks like a bullet shell or lipstick tube. To be one of the most common types of security cameras, bullet cameras are a visible deterrent.
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Applications of AI WiFi Smartnet IP Camera

Our AI IP cameras support 2mp and 5mp resolution optional, all IP intelligent cameras support SD card slot, Max.128GB. Intelligent network cameras are suitable for home, office, store monitoring. The main functions of intelligent IP cameras include two-way Audio, human body detection. YCX product YC-CG1 battery WiFi IP smart cameras are using for baby care, home monitoring. The WiFi smart IP camera supports two-way audio, color mode, human body detection. WiFi PTZ Dome can be installed in office, entrance, home, store, and hall etc. This kind of smart WiFi IP camera supports dual light mode, pan/tile/5x optical zoom, two-way Audio. We, being a professional supplier of smart IP cams, are able to offer various types of IP camera intelligent cameras, such as WiFi smart cloud camera, panoramic camera 180 smart WiFi, IP camera smart wireless, smart 1080p mini wireless IP camera, HD smart IP camera, AI smart home HD IP camera, smart WiFi p2p camera, WiFi smart camera IP66, AI face recognition Camera, AI cross line IP camera, smart home IP camera, smart IP camera outdoor and so on. And our smart WiFi camera price is competitive in the market. If you want to buy smart HD network cameras, or know more details about HD intelligence IP cameras, please contact us.

  • To improve operation efficiency, Face recognition cameras can be used in entrance and exit, smart retail, public areas and other scenarios.

  • To save time, people counting cameras can offer the numbers of people in a short time.

  • To secure the private realm, intrusion cameras can warn intruders.

  • To reduce the false motion alarm rate, body detection cameras can detect and track the human body.

Features of AI WiFi Smart Cloud IP Camera

Features of AI WiFi Smart Cloud IP Camera

Multiple Intelligent functions of People Counting, People Gathering,Cross Line, Area Intrusion, Cross Line

Features of AI WiFi Smart Cloud IP Camera

Supports SD card up to max 128G for video storage

Features of AI WiFi Smart Cloud IP Camera

Face Recognition with allow list of more than 50000pcs faces

Smart Wireless IP Camera Setup

YCX has one battery WiFi Smart Cloud intelligent IP camera, which is easy to connect with YCX Cloud Vicoohome app and support twelve function configurations. Especially PIR detection, Voice intercom, Area Monitoring and pet Snap are really welcomed. How to connect with AI WiFi camera? Let us follow the below smart wireless IP camera setup steps.

First step, download and install the cloud App. The app can be also downloaded with scanning QR code on the box. You can Sign in to App. connect to Wi-Fi and add the device according to the prompts. Later click the "Add Device" in the App and enter the Wi-Fi network name and password that you want the camera to connect.

When you need to view the camera with other family members or friends, you can use this function. Only the administrator users who are bound with the smart camera IP for the first time can share and set the device. Other members can only view the live or playback function of the device as well as the smart wireless IP camera setup.

All is done, you can keep tracking of what's happening thousands of miles away intelligent filtering of redundant information in the cloud and send targeted push notifications.

Guide to Choose Smart HD Wireless IP Camera

There are a lot of HD smart wireless IP cameras in the market. And for users, most of them look similar. How to choose a HD intelligence IP camera?

1) Resolution

There are 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP and 5MP wireless IP cameras. The higher resolution, the clearer video and the higher cost. Under comprehensive consideration of needs and budget, choose the suitable resolution.

2) WiFi Signal

Most wireless cameras now only work with 2.4Ghz WiFi now. With the development of technology, there are a few wireless cameras that support dual 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz WiFi. A stronger WiFi signal let smart cloud cameras work more stable.

3) Power

There are different power supply ways for wireless cameras. Use 12V power adapter, built in battery, with solar panel. In different installing conditions, we can choose suitable cameras.

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