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Brief Description of the Advantages of POE Camera Recorder

There are several power supply modes for monitoring equipment: independent power supply, centralized power supply, and POE power supply. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. This article is an introduction to POE power supply.

Ⅰ. POE camera recorder-the concept of POE power supply

1. What is POE power supply?

POE (Power Over Ethernet) power supply refers to the technology that provides data transmission and DC power supply for other IP-based terminals without any changes on the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure.

In simple terms, POE power supply is network cable power supply, and the same network cable transmits both data and power. Therefore, POE power supply is mainly used in high-definition network digital surveillance systems-the POE camera recorder, that is, NVR network video recorder.

Other names:

① Power supply system based on local area network (POL, Power over LAN)

② Active Ethernet

③ Power over Ethernet

2. The POE camera recorder is the latest standard specification that uses the existing standard Ethernet transmission cable to transmit data and electric power at the same time. It also maintains compatibility with the existing Ethernet system and users.

3. POE camera recorder-POE power supply system

A complete POE system includes two parts: Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) and Powered Device (PD).

The PSE device is a device that supplies power to the Ethernet client device, and it is also the manager of the entire POE Ethernet power supply process.

The PD device is the power supply terminal load that receives power, that is, the client device of the POE system, such as IP phones and network cameras. Based on the IEEE 802.3af standard, the two establish a connection with information about the connection status, device type, power consumption level, etc. of the power receiving device, and use this as a basis for powering the PD through the Ethernet based on the PSE.

Ⅱ. POE camera recorder-a collection of advantages of POE power supply

1. The POE camera recorder has flexible wiring and does not require complicated power supply wiring. The camera does not need to be connected to power cords and other objects, and is powered by a network cable, which is beautiful and simple.

2. The POE camera recorder can minimize the cost, save the construction and maintenance costs of power supply equipment, such as power cords, sockets, line transformations, etc., as well as installation labor costs and save installation time. And when the POE camera recorder is powered by standard POE, the power receiving module will automatically identify the power.

3. The POE camera recorder can be flexibly placed, and the device deployment location is not restricted, and there is no need to consider power cord issues, socket locations, etc.

4. The POE camera recorder supports the 802.3at standard, and the maximum power supply for a single port is up to 30W. It also provides support for non-standard powered devices. This greatly improves the service access capability of the network.

5. The POE camera recorder has a high safety factor, can be centralized power supply, and convenient for backup. At the same time, the power supply equipment can be connected to UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), once the main power input is interrupted, the normal operation of the system can also be guaranteed.

6. The front-end equipment of the POE camera recorder system has no strong electricity, and there will be no power leakage to cause accidents, and safety is guaranteed.

7. The performance of the POE camera recorder is stable, the wiring links are few, and there is no large power consumption caused by complicated wiring.

8. The POE camera recorder is a POE with SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) capability, which can remotely monitor and manage AP and IP cameras. At the same time, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the POE power supply can ensure that the signal is not disturbed and make the monitoring picture clear.

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